Cloud Forest | Jangal-e Abr


Two or 3 hours left to the sunset, with temperature fall, clouds rush into the forest. They are so thick that it seems you are walking on the clouds, and then you may not be able to see a meter ahead of you. It is what happens often in the Jangal-e Abr in Shahrood. Jangal-e Abr (Cloud Forest) is one of the oldest and most beautiful forests in Iran. It is the continuum of northern forests in the south of Alborz mountain range.

It is located 50km north east of Shahrood. The forest is full of steep hills, and a river runs in there. Summer is the best time to see the forest, and the morning is the best time to take photos. When the clouds come it will be very difficult to use digital cameras.

Shahrood’s geographical location is also very interesting, it has cloud forest in the north and from south it meets the central desert of Iran.

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