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Suggested Itinerary Ideas, these are only three great ideas to discover Iran wonders. For more suggestions please contact Iranian travel agents.

Central Iran – Must See Attractions

  1. Arrive in Tehran.
  2. Fly to Kerman. Visit the Ganjali Khan Complex, Vakil Bazaar, Caravanserai, the Icepit and Jame Mosque.
  3. Drive to the small cities of Rayen and Mahan. Visit the citadel of Rayen, Shah Nematollah-e Vali Shrine and Shazdeh Garden.
  4. Drive to Yazd. Visit the Mir Chakhmagh Mosque, Jame Mosque and Dowlat Abad Garden. Visit the Tower of Silence and Fire Temple.
  5. Drive to Shiraz to visit Eram Garden, Narenjestan-e Ghavvam Museum, Vakil Mosque and Shiraz bazaar.
  6. Visit Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Karim Khan Citadel, Hafezieh and Sadieh.
  7. Drive to Marvdasht to visit the ancient ruins of Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam, Naghsh-e Rajab and Pasargad (the tobm of Cyrus the Great).
  8. Drive to Isfahan.
  9. Visit Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam & Sheikh Lutfollah Mosques, Ali Qapu Palace, Isfahan Bazaar)
  10. Visit the Palace of Chehel Sutun, Shaking Minaret, Vank Cathedral, Jame Mosque, Khaju and Siose Pol.
  11. Drive to Kashan to visit Fin Garden, Broujerdi House and Agha Bozurg Mosque.
  12. Drive to Tehran
  13. Visit National Museum, Glassware Museum, Carpet Museum and Jewels Museum. Visit the Grand Bazaar of Tehran which is the largest world’s bazaar.
  14. Depart Tehran

Central and Eastern Iran

  1. Arrive in Tehran.
  2. Visit the Carpet Museum to see elegant Persian carpets dating back to the 17th century- Visit the Ancient Museum and the National Jewels Museum to see breathtaking jewelry pieces used by former kings- Visit the Grand Bazaar of Tehran is the largest world’s bazaar.
  3. Drive to Esfahan to visit the Naghshe Jahan square, the Imam mosque, and the magnificent Chehel-Sotoun and Aali-Qapu palaces.
  4. Visit spectacular mosques, palaces and old bridges like the See-o-Seh Pol and Sheikh Lotfollah as well as the unique Shaking Minarets- if one is shaken, the other shakes too.
  5. Visit Vank Cathedral and the Museum, a Christian center in the Armenian Quarters.
  6. Visit Persepolis, one of the Iran’s most historic cities once occupied by Alexander the Great- See the magnificent palace complex founded by King Darius- Visit Pasargad as well as the tomb of Cyrus the Great.
  7. Drive to the city of Yazd and visit the Fire Temple of Zoroastrianism, once the state religion.
  8. Explore more wonders of Yazd, such as the Towers of Silence and the Masjed-e-Jame, famous for its beautiful mosaic tile works.
  9. Fly to the city of Mashhad.
  10. Visit the shrine of Imam Reza and the historical and artistic complex attached to it, including the courtyards, porticos and porches, the Goharshad Mosque as well as its rich museum and library.
  11. Fly back to Tehran.
  12. Depart Tehran.

Western Iran, Itinerary

  1. Arrival in Tehran
  2. Tour Tehran, visiting the Archaeological, Glass and Carpet museums (as in the tour above).
  3. Drive to Rasht across the Alborz Mountains, the scenic ranges that rim the north borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  4. Visit the village of Masuleh and Anzali Lagoon, a wonderful place for bird-watchers.
  5. Drive to the city of Tabriz, a historic city located in a valley to the north of Mount Sahand.
  6. In Tabriz, visit the Blue mosque, Azerbaijan museum, Shah-Goli pavilion, and the colorful bazaar where Armenians, Turkomans and Kurds man stalls are pile high with leather boots, woollen headgear, and many-colored fabrics.
  7. Fly back to Tehran.
  8. Depart Tehran.

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