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    This is mazhar zaidi from Dubai. Very soon i am relocating for job in Kish Island. I want to know i may i get permanent marriage with Iranian lady. I am sunni and having pakistani passport. My plan to get permanent marriage with virgin girl. And in future plan to settel in pakistan with family.

    mazhar zaidi

    You may reach me at my email address.
    Or my facebook ID Mazhar zaidi

    Guest wrote:
    I am a Muslim sunni girl .maine 9 month pehle shadi ki ha or wo larka ahmadiya Muslims ha

    Mere husband Germany mai rehte ha or ab wo mere visay ka apply ker rh hai .so mujeh husband name passport banana

    hai my question is if i apply husband name passport . Then koi problem tuo nhi hogi mean main sunni muslim Hu

    or wo ahmadiya . Passport mai father name change hoker husband name hojyga

    koi objection tuo nhi hoga kyu k maine kisi per show nhi kiya wo ahmadiya muslim hai .

    kya mera easily passport bnjayga ? Ya phir passport office mai objection

    hogi ??please mujeh answer De .Please help me


    Hi every body
    I’m iranian guy and I’m a model ,wanna Mary to some one foreign (us,UK,Russian,Germany!)
    If anyone like to talk with me my email is or direct me on Instagram
    My Instagram id is yazdan_fj, I’m a handsome 20 year-old man :D ;)

    Guest wrote:
    Hi everybody! I am an Iranian woman…39 year old…a am Muslim…. i am divorced… I d like to get marry… if a man would like to knowing eachother, please mail me…..

    reply hi khoshgel khanom,khobi, i am iranian man 57 years old,muslem , live in tehran,divorced and have 1 child who lives with her mother in canada,please reply me… :D

    Guest wrote:
    Hi everybody! I am an Iranian woman…39 year old…a am Muslim…. i am divorced… I d like to get marry… if a man would like to knowing eachother, please mail me…..

    Mehdi wrote:
    If you believe that he is lying to you, the best way is to abandon him.

    Usually Iranian names are hard to be pronounced for foreigners so some Iranians prefer to have a simple name. For example Jahan will be John outside Iran.

    If you give us his name, maybe we can tell you if there is a restriction for that special name or not!

    how that’s sounds bad he must be a murder or scam just stay away from this cunt



    i’m canadian (born christian). I have an iranian boyfriend. We would like to go to iran next december and if possible get married there.

    I have a couple of questions fo you. here they are:

    Can i get a visa to go to Iran has a tourist?
    Can i get married in Iran with an Iranian man?
    What is the regulation with a male iranian?
    What is the laws that will be applied to me?
    Can i get a visa if I plan to go there with my fiancé and get married In Iran?
    What is the procedure?
    What is the risk, is there any?
    Do I become an Iranian citizen if i get married to an iranian man? (If I marry an Iranian citizen in Iran will I automatically become an Iranian citizen myself and will have to travel out of Iran on an Iranian passport?. Applying for one may take some time and I wonder if I may not be able to leave the country until the application gets approved.)
    Can i leave Iran to go back to Canada by myself without apporbation of my husband?
    Is there any reason why the authority wouln’t let me go out of the country and go back to Canada when i want?

    What document i need to travel to Iran?

    Thank you very much.


    hi guys, im an iranian girl n going to marry an indian boy. which is better to get marry in india or iran ? n wat documents we need to ge marry in india. after hoow many years i could get my indian citizenship? :?: :?:


    im iranian men ( single,age:27) , you can call me : (0098) 9383879141


    here is my question, I am in love with a girl from Pakistan, she lives in iran and is studing, I am wanting to know if it is possible for her to get a passport and stuff and come to the United States of America any help is welcomed at


    Hi All,

    I got your email ID from LinkEdin.

    I am an Indian citizen.My girl friend is from IRAN. We have been together since 4 years. In 2013 she came to India to meet me. After that we did not meet. We usually meet over internet. I am in USA as L1 Blanket visa. I want to marry and want to bring her in L2 visa. I am not sure about the marriage rules in IRAN. So how can I marry her and bring her in L2 visa.



    Im an iranian boy 25 years old.i have one married sister. We live in iran_mazandaran. My father is in charge of Azad university and i work ther. Now im Looking for a girl in germany to get marry. And i really mean it. Plz any one can help me contact me plz
    Line id : Saba.hosseini.90
    Viber or telegram +989366669547


    Can posibal merry tow non national iranian marry in Iran
    Men and woman other national can marry in Iran plz reply


    Darya ,
    Hi , i am Mamun and live in italy.age 33y .i want to marry if u want …


    dayra ,i am from italy and muslims .finding iranin gir .ay age 33y.

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