Kaloots ( kaluts) of Shahdad


Shahzad is a city located near Kerman, just at the edge of the Lute desert.  Because of its location, the climate is very hot, with long, hot summers and short, mild winters. Near this city, approximately forty kilometers away, Kaloots can be found.  In this particular area, sand hills have been formed due to the erosion and ever-present wind that plagues the desert.  These formations, created entirely from the weather’s effects on the environment, are breathtaking.  For those lucky enough to be able to experience these natural structures, the likelihood of becoming completely mesmerized by them is great, due to their isolation within their surroundings.  As far as the eye can see, they are the only significant creations.  In the middle of the desert, with nothing of significance around, they add a touch of exoticism within a land untouched and unaffected by any other element outside of what may occur naturally.

The wonders of Kaloots, however, do not end there.  For thousands of years, people have been utilizing and relying on the stars to reveal their destiny.  Kaloots of Shahdad, with its seemingly magical affect, is perhaps the finest place on Earth to engage in this practice.  At night, the sky is so clear that stars and constellations can be clearly seen by the naked eye, making it possible for anyone who has the desire, to gaze up into the sky and bask in the beauty of the millions of stars twinkling so brightly that they resemble diamonds.

This mystical city is one of the hottest places on the planet.  Within a thirty thousand meter radius, there is no life that can be seen.  A preserved body of a cow serves as evidence of the lack of life within this area, as there is evidence that this particular cow died in the winter of 1365, with it being completely dried out due to the intensity of the sun’s heat.  Many who have encountered this small piece of the world consider it to be a place of peace, a paradise within the heart of the desert, a place deemed worthy of its name.

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