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Meymand Village


Not far from the city of Kerman there is a village called Meymand.  This village is over three thousand years old and is the biggest and only historical village in the world. Meymand is of another era, with major differences from the typical modern world evident immediately.  The change can be felt and visibly seen immediately upon setting foot in this ancient village.  Meymand is a village that continues to live in a way reminiscent of a far simpler time.

The meaning of the name of this village has been interpreted in a variety of ways.  Some believe that the first part, “Mey,” is a derivative of the word “wine” in Farsi.  “Mand” means drunk.  It has been argued that people of the original village, not Muslim at the time, would become inebriated drinking large amounts of wine.  Some others believe that the word Meymand means “blessedness.”

The village of Meymand is built on top of the mountain. One theory for this is that perhaps at the time, those who inhabited the village desired to live in a place in which they could be closer to God.  The physical structure of Meymand has stunned many.  The houses are built on top of each other, using a stair-like construction.  This type of construction was practical at the time because of its ability to protect inhabitants from floods and other natural disasters. Today, though, its structure make this one of the most aesthetically pleasing and marvelous villages in the world.

Another place in Meymand that is worthy of visiting is the bath, which is considered to be innovative and of pure genius.  Built in the heart of the mountain rocks, at the end of the corridor there is a changing room and accompanying pool area. Within this area, there are three benches.  The room is kept comfortably warm due to the heat radiating from the fire room situated underneath the bath. Also fascinating about this bath area are the holes in the ceiling that, because of the marble, reflects light, which provides the illumination for the room.

The population of this community used to distance themselves from the rest of the world and believed that their genes were superior to those of others’.  Because of this belief, individuals only married within their tribe, choosing to continue what they thought to be remarkable intelligence and physicality.  Throughout time, however, this tradition has diminished, with many now taking partners outside of the immediate village.

This village is definitely a unique place, with characteristics comparable to none.  If desiring an amazing adventure, full of charming residences and warm, big-hearted people who are living in a manner similar to that of years ago, while enjoying incredible scenery and architecture, visiting Meymand may be worth adding to your itinerary.

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