Quran Gateway, Shiraz


The Quran Gateway is the entrance to Shiraz, the capital of Fars province in southern Iran and is one of the most beautiful and historical monuments in the country.

It is located near the gorge of Allah-o-Akbar and is flanked by the Baba Kuhi and Chehel Maqam mountains.

The gateway is where two copies of the holy Qurans known as the “Hefdah-man Quran” were kept.

The gateway consists of three arches. A big one, and two smaller ones on the sides.

A copy of Islam’s holy book, Quran is laid in a small chamber over the main arch to protect travelers passing under it as a sign of good omen.

The monument pertains to the Buyids period (945 – 1055).

In the Zand era (1750-1781), Karim Khan Zand restored the gateway, built a room above it, and placed a valuable handwritten Thuluth calligraphy Quran in it.

In 1937, the arch was ruined and the Qurans were taken to Pars Museum located in Shiraz where they are still kept.

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